Be a Thriving Entrepreneur

Business Consulting that will turn your business into a valuable, self-sustainable asset allowing you more free time.

Are you feeling Frustrated?

Drained Energy and Resource

Poor business systems drains your energy and resources


You are feeling frustrated and incompetent

No Accountability

No one is holding you accountable to action the plan

As a business owner too, I’ve felt your pain which is why I help people like you build an asset that works for them

I know you want to be a thriving entrepreneur. But being a business owner doesn’t mean you need to be an expert at everything. Which is why I use my 27 years of experience and unique skill set in Chartered Accounting and Industrial Engineering to help people like you build an asset that works for them.

I am a CA(SA) and registered as a Tax Practitioner.

I am a member of:

  • Chartered Accountants Worldwide,
  • South African Institute of Taxation,
  • Institute of Directors South Africa.

A Valuable Asset

A business of significant worth can bring long-term rewards to the owner

A Self-Sustaining Business

The business runs smoothly even in the absence of the owner

More Free Time

Well-organized and efficient systems and process that allow the business to function even without the owners

3 Steps to Get Started

1. Book a free 30-minute consultation

To allow us to explore how the service can help address your unique situation 

2. Custom plan

You receive a custom-made plan based on the analysis of the business to help and keep you on track

3. A Thriving Business

Have a valuable, self-sustainable business

Your Business Should be an Asset that works for you

But poor business systems are draining your energy and resources, leaving you feeling frustrated and incompetent.
With the right plan and someone to hold you accountable, you can build a thriving business that can run without you.

We have developed a Business Assessment to help you determine if your business is an asset that works for you

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